As a Global Depot Repair Service Centre for Industry Lead Service Providers, Tracelogix provides exceptional repair services for our clients, employing only the highest trained technicians and engineers.

We offer Triage and Preventative Maintenance, Component Level and Rework Repair, Engineering Changes, Staging, Logistics and Product Fulfilment.

Repair Service

Tracelogix (Canada & Quebec) provides exceptional, timely repair services including Triage and Preventative Maintenance, Component Level and Rework Repair, Engineering Changes, Staging, Logistics, and Product Fulfilment.

lab tracelogix ca
Esd floor, Carts, Benches at the Tracelogix Lab

Products & Services

If a particular brand or product is not represented here, please contact our sales team for further information.

    POS – Terminals, Displays, Scanners, Dynakey, Cash drawers, Printers, Pin pads, Card readers, Signature tablet

    Scanners – Bio-optic scale scanners, Wired, Wireless, PDT, Vehicle mount

    Printers – Impact, Receipt, Thermal, Laser, Colour, Ticket, Portable / Wireless

    Displays – Touchscreens, LED, LCD

    Banking – Receipt printer, Coin counters, Bill acceptors, Display, Passbook printer, Signature tablets, ATM components

    Uninterrupted Power Supply – All sizes from Personal to Industrial

    Medical Equipment Repair– infusion pumps, Syringe pumps, Pain management pumps, Patient monitor systemsMMS modules
    Telemetry modules
    , High Resolution monitors02 blender
    LCD and Touchscreen
    Pulse Oximeters, Video printers and recorders

    Arizona Instruments – Max 4000, 5000, Vapour Pro, Legacy, Calibrations

    Computing Devices: PC’s, Notebooks, Tablets, All-In-Ones, Convertible

    Facility / Network Devices – Servers, Hubs/Access Points, Timeclocks, Switches, Routers, Servers, UPS

    Tracelogix Staging Area
    Tracelogix Staging Area

    Logistic Service

    Tracelogix (Canada & Quebec) provides our customers with services such as:

    • Secure product storage
    • Advance Exchange and Reverse tracking
    • Product assembly and testing for custom build orders
    • Staging of equipment for customized hardware, firmware, software and cosmetics
    • Product kitting and packaging for custom orders that have location specific requirements
    • Reverse logistics for secure product disposal and E-Waste recycling
    • Certificates of Destruction (COD) that meet industry standards
    • Real time customized reporting and tracking